Balloons flying toward the blue sky over Wrexham

Fun facts about Wrexham

Wrexham is rich in history and culture, but it also has a playful side that can be seen in its many fun facts.

From bouncing inflatable obstacle courses to the world's largest collection of handcuffs, Wrexham has plenty of surprises up its sleeve. The town's vibrant music scene, street festivals, and international football stadium also contribute to its unique character. With its blend of history and fun, Wrexham is a town that offers something for everyone.

10 Wrexham fun facts

Take these 10 fun facts to the pub. Most likely, your friends didn't know. 

  1. The name "Wrexham" means "Kingdom of Wrex" in Welsh.
  2. The Wrexham Lager Brewery was established in 1882 and was the first in Wales to produce lager beer.
  3. The world's largest bouncing inflatable obstacle course, "The Monster," made a stop in Wrexham in 2019.
  4. Wrexham has been used as a filming location for several popular TV shows, including "Doctor Who" and "Hollyoaks."
  5. The town is home to the largest professional recording studio in North Wales, called Rockcliffe Studios.
  6. The town has a long and proud tradition of rugby union, with several local clubs and a dedicated fan base.
  7. The Wrexham Industrial Estate is one of the largest in the UK and is home to over 300 businesses.
  8. The town has a thriving music scene and has produced several successful bands, including The Alarm and Neck Deep.
  9. The world's largest collection of handcuffs and other restraints can be found at the Wrexham Museum.
  10. The Wrexham Symphony Orchestra has been performing since 1970 and is made up of talented local musicians.